After-sale Service

The quality guarantee period of the products produced by our company is three years. If there is any problem in the quality of the products within three years, our factory is responsible for warranty and replacement. After the expiration of the three-year warranty period, our factory gives priority and preferential treatment to vulnerable parts, supplies them at cost price, and provides lifelong service. The service life of the main goods provided by the factory is guaranteed to be more than seven years, and they are manufactured in strict accordance with the standard. The company shall be responsible for compensation for losses caused by product quality problems.

          After sales service commitment:

         1. Our company carries out three guarantees for product quality, namely: quality       guarantee, replacement guarantee and warranty.

         2. After the contract is signed, guarantee the quality and quantity, and deliver the goods on time.

         3. For the buyer's technical consultation, answer at any time.

         The service time of customer service for the end user is 7 × 24 hours, and the green channel is provided: after receiving the letter or telephone from the user to respond to the quality problem, the customer service will immediately respond and reply.